Association of Craniosacral Therapy in China (ACSTC) is a research unit of Craniosacral Therapy that is based on the technical support by the Basic Medical Institute of Jiangsu University. ACSTC is also a platform for the researchers and workers to study and practice the Craniosacral Therapy. ACSTC is interested in engaging people mainly to carry out research, practice and training for the Craniosacral Therapy in whole country. At present, there are some reports about the application of the Craniosacral therapy, but there has been no epidemic. We were the first organization of training and research of the Craniosacral therapy in China. The objective of establishment of "Institute of cranial sacral therapy" will be to do the application, extension, and research work of Craniosacral Therapy. The Craniosacral Therapy is satisfied for clinicians, general practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, beauticians, community health workers, and enthusiasts to learn and use. It can be benefit for the peoples to promote them across in our country.

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